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Women’s Hormones Part 2, October 14th 2014

Madison Chiropractic

Join us at Chiropractic Solutions for our second round of discussions on the importance of the female hormone cycle. Vanessa Teff from Standard Process will be leading the discussion of how to help balance cycles naturally thru foods and supplementation. The basics were laid during our last lecture and we will be discussing Premenopausal issues as well as menopausal issues.

Female Hormones: Why They Control You and What You Can Do About It!

In her presentation, you can expect to learn the following:

  • An explanation of how female hormones help to control almost every function in your body, including growth, metabolism, and reproduction
  • Why you feel the way you do at different times in your monthly cycle
  • Why PMS and menstrual cramps are common, but not normal
  • How your hormones affect your overall health and well-being
  • What you can do to prevent unnatural hormonal changes and keep your hormones in a healthy balance
Matt Kingston
About the author

Dr. Matt Kingston is a licensed Chiropractor who received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa. Dr Matt can be seen at Chiropractic Solutions in Madison, WI.

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