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Why Maintenance Care?

Why Maintenance Care?

maintenance So, you’ve finished your initial care plan. It’s time to make the decision of whether you’ll continue with us at Chiropractic Solutions or end your health journey here. We get asked all the time, I’m feeling better, why maintenance care? It’s important to make the best choice for you, and your spine.

We see people change before our eyes everyday. Patients come in unable to walk, run, sit, or stand, and by the end of their initial care plan they are able to do all of the things they’ve been unable to do. We see miracles happen, and it’s our favorite part of the job.

Do you get a clean bill of health from your primary care physician and stop doing all of the things you were doing? Do you get a clear dentist check and stop brushing and flossing? No. You continue to do those things to maintain the health of your body. It’s the same concept with your spine and maintenance care.

You have worked so hard to improve the health of your spine over the past three months, and we want you to keep improving. There are so many benefits to signing on for maintenance care. For one, you’ll continue improving the health and well being of your mind, body, and spirit. It’s also less expensive than your initial care plan. With maintenance care you’ll also see us less frequently, but still get the same benefits. In the video below, Dr Matt recaps the positives of maintenance care. Take a watch below:


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