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Why Chiropractic?

Madison chiropractor Dr. Joe Teff has been working in Healthcare for 38 years.  Joe was injured in High School Football and went to a chiropractor to help his back .  After two weeks of care, his injury was better and his asthma and allergies went away.  He asked his chiropractor if this was possible, and was told, “Everything works better when your nervous system works better.”
That began Joe’s journey in chiropractic care.
Tips discussed in the podcast:
  • Eat more fats!!!!!!! A GOOD omega 3 or fish oil is worth its weight in gold and is an excellent daily habit to protect your health.
  • If you are going to invest in anything, invest in yourself and your health.
  • Take care of your alignment and your structure to protect your health.
  • Miracles happen everyday.
  • There has to be a simple solution to the majority of problems, look for the elephant in the room.
“Always be honest with your patients, tell them the truth.” – Dr. Joe Teff
Telling our patients the truth about their health and spine is a core value here at Chiropractic Solutions.  It’s not about what the person may or may not want to hear.  It’s about helping patients uncover, treat, and correct the root cause of their pain and/or problems.   As Dr. Joe refers to in the interview, people often come to a chiropractor with one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel and want to be fixed.  This doesn’t happen overnight so fixing it might not happen overnight either.  This is why finding the root cause is so important. Taking control of your mind, body, and spirit is critical to starting your journey to healing.

Matt Kingston
About the author

Dr. Matt Kingston is a licensed Chiropractor who received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa. Dr Matt can be seen at Chiropractic Solutions in Madison, WI.

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