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School is just around the corner…come in for a free backpack check!

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Is your child following these guidelines to protect his/her spine?  Many children are not! If you are concerned about how your child’s backpack is affecting their spine, come to Chiropractic Solutions for a FREE backpack check!

Tips you can share with your child on proper backpack use:

  • Your backpack should not be more than 15% of your body weight.
  • Remember to take only what you need home with you for the night. Extra weight = extra stress on your back and shoulders.
  • When you pick up your backpack, bend your knees and remember to lift with your legs.
  • Make sure your backpack has padded shoulder straps and that you wear BOTH straps.  Carrying your backpack on one shoulder only is NOT good for your spine.
  • Wear comfortable shoes that provide a cushion and support, which will help protect your back and spine while you carry the extra weight of your backpack.  Shoes such as flip-flops do not provide enough support.

Carrying a backpack that is too heavy, or carrying it improperly, can cause chronic neck and back pain and leaves our children far more susceptible to injury and future back pathology.  Unfortunately, it has become very common for children to carry a backpack that greatly exceeds the recommended weight limit, with some children carrying backpacks weighing in at 40-50% of their body weight!

Fortunately, Dr. Matt can help your child stop these bad habits before they start, or at least before they begin to cause back and neck problems.  During the month of August, bring your child or children in to have their posture- and their actual backpack- checked out by Dr. Matt, and start the school year off right!

For more information, call our clinic at 608-497-1161, or email us at madisonchiropracticsolutions@gmail.com. You can also visit us on facebook and see Dr. Matt’s backpack check video!

Matt Kingston
About the author

Dr. Matt Kingston is a licensed Chiropractor who received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa. Dr Matt can be seen at Chiropractic Solutions in Madison, WI.

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