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Our Team

Dr. Matt Kingston

Dr. Matt Kingston is a licensed Chiropractor who received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa.  He founded Middleton Chiropractic Solutions on September, 18th in 2009.  Dr. Matt uses the whole-person approach to chiropractic, offering customized care for individuals and families depending on their needs and goals. This approach allows him to look for the cause rather than only treat the symptoms in order to enhance health, healing and wellbeing.

Dr. Matt practices a patient-centered approach to your health, taking into consideration the factors that affect health and wellness from an emotional, physical, and nutritional perspective.  He offers full body chiropractic adjustments focusing on your whole body, resulting in reduced pain, decreased inflammation, and increased mobility.   Dr. Matt not only provides the very best care to our patients, but also provides them with nutritional and lifestyle advice that goes hand in hand with chiropractic care. You will find him to be a good listener and a Dr. that focuses on getting to know you and your concerns, because it is all about you!

Jen Plumer, Practice Manager/Marketing Director

Jen joined Middleton Chiropractic Solutions in 2020 as our Practice Manager and has   Prior to getting her Associate degree in marketing, Jen spent four years in the Air National Guard and later went on to get her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Although she started her career in the marketing field as a project manager for an advertising firm, she soon found her passion was in helping people which lead her to the healthcare field. Combining her marketing and business background with her empathetic nature gives her the opportunity to reach those in need and help to find them a solution with chiropractic care.  

Since starting at Middleton Chiropractic Solutions Jen has found the chiropractic field to be instrumental in treating the root cause of health problems and getting them corrected, rather than just treating the symptoms.  It is imperative that her patients feel confident they are in the right place, and trust they will receive the utmost care and results in our clinic. Jen looks forward to continue to growing in the chiropractic field and assist current and potential patients with the resources in order for them to achieve optimal results.

In her spare time Jen likes to travel, exercise, dance, and kickbox.

Amber Fay, Chiropractic Technician

Amber joined Middleton Chiropractic Solutions in 2022 as our Patient Coordinator, and has additionally taken the role of our Chiropractic Technician. Amber attended Globe University for medical assisting, as she knew early on, she wanted to be in the healthcare field and work directly with patients. Amber started in the dental field as an assistant, and was later promoted to the office manager. Her experience and compassion working directly with patients makes her the perfect fit for SoftWave therapy. She has been instrumental in educating patients on the benefits of SoftWave therapy and working one-on-one with them to avoid surgery and injections and get them back to doing what they love.

Amber’s enthusiasm to take on new tasks and challenges has helped her grow and become a valuable member of our chiropractic team. Her goal is to reach as many community members as she can to get them to their optimal health and wellbeing. She is excited to continue to grow with Middleton Chiropractic Solutions and continue to help those who walk through the door.

Amber is a proud mother of two boys Mikhi and Maxwell.  Some of Amber’s hobbies include cooking, fishing, camping, and traveling. You will find Amber outgoing, yet compassionate to all those she encounters at our clinic.