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Our Bodies Talk, do you listen?

Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter

April 2016

From the Doctor

bodiesThe brilliance and intelligence within our own bodies is flabbergasting.
Our bodies and minds can internally fix any health issue that is placed before us.
We forget this when we have pain or a loved one has pain or a health issue.
So much of western medicine is focused on treating symptoms to improve how we “feel”.
What good is it to “feel” better, if we are only dealing with the surface and never treating the cause of the problem?I like to think that Doctor of Chiropractic or D.C. stands of Doctor of Cause.
Our focus is to find the Cause of your issue, correct it, and let you get back to enjoying your life.

Super Supplement of the Month – Allerplex

Allerplex is Standard Process’ supplement to support the body’s ability to fight seasonal, environmental and 1000allerplexdietary allergies.

Allergies come from our body’s irrational, but natural, response to things it deems harmful.
Allerplex supports the body’s natural ability to manage mucus movement, healthy liver function, and healthy lung and respiratory function.

Meet Chelsea!

Chelsea PhotoWe hope you’ve had the chance to meet Chelsea, Chiropractic Solutions’ new office manager. She’s been a total rock star and an amazing addition to the Chiropractic Solutions team.

Chelsea grew up on a farm in Belmont Wisconsin and graduated from UW-Platteville.

She’s been receiving chiropractic care since she was a kid and is very committed to her health. She does yoga to stay active. Some of her other hobbies include: cooking, baking, canning, crafting, softball, reading, drinking red wine, and game nights with friends/family.

Chelsea is most looking forward to building relationships with our wonderful patients and helping you work towards your health goals.

Save the Dates!

Chiropractic Solutions will be closed from April 27th – May 4th. Please make note on your calendars and make sure you get in for an adjustment before those dates.


Matt Kingston
About the author

Dr. Matt Kingston is a licensed Chiropractor who received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and his doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport, Iowa. Dr Matt can be seen at Chiropractic Solutions in Madison, WI.

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