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New Patients

After scheduling your first visit, you receive an email with a link to fill out your new patient forms. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff.  We offer refreshments and snacks prior to your appointment and a comfortable lobby. We do ask that you bring in any insurance cards you may have to this visit so we can check your benefits.  

New Chiropractic Patient Consultation

Next, you will have a preliminary consultation with Dr. Matt Kingston to discuss your current health problems, concerns, and the potential treatment options.  This allows us to create a plan and course of action to build a treatment that fits your individual needs.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding your wellness and personal health goals, please let us know!

Exam room


After your consultation, Dr. Matt will test various aspects of your health, such as your reflexes, flexibility, and orthopedic health. When necessary, we may also take X-rays. This allows us to develop the most effective treatment plan for specific, individual health problems, and may alert us of any serious underlying conditions.  Once all the necessary information is collected, Dr. Matt will go through the findings and answer any questions a person may have. He will make individual recommendations and build a new chiropractic patient care plan that suits the individual’s needs.

Following Dr. Matt’s report of findings is the first treatment, and future appointments maybe booked to address individual conditions.

Middleton Chiropractic Solutions offers our new chiropractic patient form online to be completed at your convenience in your home or office prior to your appointment.

Click here to fill out the forms.

We offer insurance help and payment options

Prior to any treatment, our team will perform a complimentary benefits evaluation to let you know what your insurance covers. We also provide a variety of convenient payment options.

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