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Children’s Health

All of us experience discomfort and pain at one time or another. Pain isn’t a walk in the park. When children suffer this pain, it is often unbearable, for both them and their parents. Kids health problems such as neck pain and/or back pain, cause great anxiety in parents and often the first thought may be to take them to your doctor. Yes, you can, but why don’t you try natural pain relief?

Why not try a children’s chiropractor?

If you didn’t know, chiropractic care is a natural form of medicine. Individuals can opt to take OTC pain relievers, but they’re rarely needed when correct treatment is sought. Chiropractic care involves manual therapy, also called hand therapy, to resolve adult and kids health problems. Neck and/or back pain in children may require neck adjusting or regular therapeutic massages. A child experiencing constant and severe headaches may need a vertebrae alignment from a Chiropractor for kids. These treatments sound complicated, but they’re all done with gentle precision force of the hands.

Among the first questions parents ask is concerning safety. Many worry about the safety of a children’s chiropractor. In reality, it is safer than most kinds of conventional medicine. Your child’s doctor may prescribe pain reliever when both prescribed and OTC pain killers are risky for kids and have many unwanted side effects. Chiropractors cannot prescribe medication and most would not desire to anyways. Instead, natural treatment methods are sought through the hands and the treatment will depend on the diagnosis made. Bear in mind it is usually a joint adjustment or a restorative massage which are 100% all natural and not risky at all.

Another essential point parents, like yourself, are urged to think about is long-term relief. Many incorrectly think that chiropractic care is long-term, which it can be depending on the situation, but is not always. Parents and chiropractors develop long-term therapy plans together. If your child’s back problems were brought on by improper posture, therapeutic massages or realignments can be necessary, but continued treatment long-term is usually rare. Your child’s chiropractor will discuss the significance of proper posture with you and your youngster and share helpful pointers.

If your little one needs long-term care, cost can be a concern. Even though some classify chiropractic care as alternative treatment, many insurance providers extend coverage. Talk to your insurance provider and find a chiropractor that accepts it. If uninsured, inquire about payment plans.
As we have already stated, a Doctor may prescribe over-the-counter pain pills for the pain and offer a brace for support. These are simply temporary solutions to the issue. Many physicians only treat the symptoms, not the problem at hand. As previously stated, a child being affected by neck pain may need an adjustment or realignment. With chiropractic care, this is done with gentle precise hand manipulation. A Doctor will probably write a prescription for pain medications, slap a brace on your child, and send them on their way.

As shown above, chiropractic care is safe for individuals of any age, including children. Still, there are lots of ways that you can get rid of the need for chiropractic care. In fact, it could be easier than you would imagine. For starters, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) claims that poor quality backpacks and improper use can lead to lower back pain in youngsters. So, if you are parents of a school aged child, make certain your child’s bag is under ten percent (10%) of their body weight, do not allow it to hang too far below the waistline, keep sharp objects away from your child’s back, and select a backpack with wide and adjustable straps.

As a parent, another way to reduce pain and discomfort in children is encourage proper posture. This is particularly important today, as youngsters spend many hours watching tv, playing video games, and using a computer. Encourage your child to sit up straight. This simple step can later reduce the likelihood of back and neck pain.