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Newborn Colic and Pain
Chiropractic Solutions Newsletter – October 2018 Harvest Your Healthy Habits! From the Doctor Fall is here. Yeah for the squash, pumpkins, potatoes, and more that are now the foods in season.  With the fall comes colder weather.  This change in weather has a big impact on us.  This is a vital time to stay healthy. ...
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There are a few theories as to what exactly ‘colic’ is and how it develops in a baby. While some of these theories apply to some of the babies affected by the condition, it doesn’t apply to all of them and, therefore, the etiology of colic is uncertain in the scientific community. However, the one...
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Madison Chiropractic
Here we are in the age of enlightenment with the internet, global communication, massive technology changes and apparently a new way of health and well-being, pharmaceuticals. We are medicating absolutely everything, our children, our parents, ourselves and our loved ones. 25% of American children are on some medication for a chronic problem and 7% of...
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