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Calm your Chiropractic Fears

fearsCalm your Chiropractic Fears

We have all seen the videos that have caused fear in many regarding chiropractic adjustments. The pulling, twisting, contorting, and then the enormous explosion of cracks. It’s honestly terrifying that your body can one, move that way, and two, make all of those sounds. It can be quite off putting to someone new to the world of chiropractic to think that it’s what chiropractors do. But it’s not. Here at Chiropractic Solutions we use an incredibly gentle adjustment technique that doesn’t involve contorting your body and an explosion of cracks. The good news? You’ll get the best adjustment possible with no fears or pain.

It’s important to know that not every chiropractor is the same. Every doctor has their own adjustment technique. Ours is gentle, effective, and safe. In the video below Dr Matt demonstrates how our technique works so you can see how gentle it is and to hopefully calm any fears that people may have. We want people to not be fearful and to come in ready to improve their health and their spine.

What to Expect on your First Visit at Chiropractic Solutions

After your appointment has been booked you’ll receive a series of informational texts regarding your first appointment here. One of them is regarding filling out your intake paperwork online. This helps move your appointment along smoothly. When you arrive you’ll be greeted by Jen and Megan. Dr Matt will then go over your paperwork with you and figure out long and short term goals with you to determine if we are a good fit for you. Dr Matt will normally take x-rays to gather as much data as possible. He then runs tests on those x-rays to determine the best type of adjustment for you and where your subluxations are in your spine. The entire process is seamless and stress free in order to make our patient’s experience top notch.


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